Troll Masks

Troll mask discount sale If the evil troll under is more your style, then a forbidding troll mask with a bulbous nose and missing teeth should do the trick. Add a beard and a bald head to your outfit to complete the look. If you want to look like one of the orcs or goblins from "The Lord of the Rings" movies, you can find plenty of suitable masks, featuring pointed teeth, exposed facial bones, and hollowed eye sockets.

A troll face mask featuring the vibrant shocks of neon-colored hair and cute smug faces of vintage collectible troll dolls could be sweet and retro, yet still be unique and fun.

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be daunting – with so many options available, deciding whether to go scary or sweet, funny or sexy can leave you grasping at straws. Classic Troll Maskgetup to come up with the perfect Halloween costume this year.

Troll mask