Feather Masks

Feather Mask Wholesale These feather masks are perfect to go with your Mardi Gras outfit featuring beads, glitter, and the traditional green, purple, and yellow colors. We have eye masks that will transform you into a real creature like a butterfly, witch, or even a black cat. Accentuate your eyes with a style that will have everyone enchanted by your beauty when you wear one of our masquerade masks.

There's lots of variety with this kinds of of masks in this particular category. We include domino, Venetian, and hands-held masks. Many are slim eye masks, while some cover much more of the face. A number of these vibrant and colorful masks feature contrasting trims, sequins, beautiful designs and designs, and a few really attractive designs. All the masks within this section, obviously, feature feather accents to include a pleasant focus for your ensemble. These feathered masks could possibly be the perfecting final touch for your outfit and may help help make your outfit really memorable.

Feather Mask Wholesale

You can include a a little color and flair using these fun Feather Masks. These kinds of masks are a good accent and focus to increase your ensemble. Vibrant, bold, and colorful, these feather highlighted masks work great with a variety of costume ideas. There exists a lot of variety in this particular section allowing you to have plenty to select from.